It’s white t-shirt season!

white t-shirt

Spanx bra and thong

T-shirt bras (bras with smooth, contoured cups) are so popular with classic white t-shirts. Come in to be fitted in a shape that suits your body, and a color that matches your skin tone. Our mannequin is wearing the new Spanx Pillow Cup full coverage bra, and a shaper thong (also by Spanx) which is a lightweight alternative to fuller shapewear styles, perfect when it’s hot outside.

Much as white t-shirts come in lots of styles, so do t-shirt bras! Some of our favorites include this new Pillow Cup bra, which features smoothing sides and a back closure, as well as the Spanx classic Bra-llelujah! underwire contour which has a smooth hosiery knit band and a front closure. We also love Simone Perele’s Andora and Caressence collections with 3D spacer technology which makes the cups very breathable, which is so nice in the summer. Chantelle’s Merci demi cup is popular for its soft memory foam cup and pretty lace trim.

Bring in your favorite white t-shirt, or borrow one of our camisoles, and we’ll help you find the perfect summer t-shirt bra for you! (We borrowed this cute v-neck version by Three Dots from our neighbors at Due Donne.)

Me, a lingerie model? Yes! The anatomy of a boudoir shoot


While it’s fun to dress up and go out, and it can be even more fun to dress up and stay in. At Freudian Slip we have flirty chemises and sexy lingerie to make sparks fly in the bedroom, but sometimes your new ensemble may only stay on for a few minutes. Why not make the memories of you in your favorite looks last with a professional boudoir photo shoot!

Talented local photographer Michelle Jackson of MJ’s Photography offered to share with me what goes on in typical shoot. I figure that if I’ve been wondering about it, perhaps you too have been considering commemorating yourself in gorgeous lingerie.

I spend a sunny spring morning with Michelle at her professional home studio. Her studio is a large, light-filled room on the second floor, with french doors leading to a balcony overlooking wooded trails that run through the Golden Garden Ponds behind her property. Half of the room serves as studio space for photo sessions, lined with cabinets filled with props. The other half has a tidy desk with a big computer monitor and a set of cushy black and white chairs. There is also a dark, inviting couch opposite a big screen on the wall for viewing finished albums.


Enthusiastically, Michelle gives me a run-down of a typical shoot. She explains that the first step is to schedule a consultation, in which she meets with the client and gives them a tour of the studio space. Next they will create a “mood board” together on Pinterest to brainstorm ideas and get inspiration. This will include ideas for a theme for the shoot. Michelle says some of the most popular themes have been vintage elegance, Marilyn Monroe-style glamour, and outdoorsy-rustic. Although she has many props, including a fainting couch, chandelier, feathered fans, scarves, and furs, Michelle encourages her clients to really make the shoot their own and bring objects unique to their personalities. Some of her clients bring props that are significant in their relationship or that symbolize an inside joke with their partner; my favorite examples were deer antlers and a book about firemen.


“I try to make it a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere, so women can really let out their personalities and have fun with it!”

On the day of the shoot Michelle makes sure her clients receive the special treatment, including professional hair and makeup. “When they arrive I usually make them a light snack and their favorite beverage while they are getting camera-ready. I ask them what their favorite music is, and just try to make it a really fun, comfortable atmosphere,” she explains. During the shoot, Michelle often starts her clients out with comfortable, easy poses like sitting on the vintage-style couch or leaning casually against a wall. She then transitions to the more challenging “supermodel” shots that may require a perfect tilt of the chin or hips. A few of Michelle’s clients have even thanked her the next day for the unexpected workout during their shoot!

As with many photo shoots, one of the most exciting aspects is wardrobe planning. Michelle usually suggests two to three ensembles per shoot, recommending that “the most important thing is for an outfit to fit well and comfortably. You want to choose something that is flattering to your body type and that you are confident in, because that confidence will show up in your photos.” Long-line bras (like the b.tempt’d ones from Freudian Slip) have been a favorite as well as pieces that are more flowing, such as chemises and robes. The classically sexy look of well-fitting jeans and a cute bra has also been popular, along with the combination of a lacy bra and panty set under one of their sweetheart’s favorite shirts, worn unbuttoned.


Michelle’s primary goal is for her clients’ unique beauty and personality to show up in their photos. Through years of experience, she has come to recognize the “lightbulb moment” when the whole idea of boudoir photography clicks, and her clients start to embrace the occasion and enjoy themselves. “That is when women start lo let out their personalities and really have fun with it,” she laughs. It is always her favorite part.

Although most women initially book a boudoir shoot as a gift for their significant other, Michelle says they are always surprised by the unwitting gift they walk away with for themselves: the gift of self-empowerment. Which is exactly the gift that we believe great lingerie gives us, too. Whether you decide to book a photo shoot with Michelle, or just want to treat yourself, we are here to help you embrace your sexy self in the perfect lingerie!

Six Months Immersed in Lingerie

Megan suggests HoneydewThe first time I strolled into Freudian Slip and got my first peek of colorful lace, feminine patterns, and soft fabric, I knew I was hooked. That was the day I dove headfirst into a happy lingerie love affair. Now I am lucky enough to work at the shop that stole my heart and help others find the seemingly small, yet significant,  joy of great lingerie.

What we’re all about

If you haven’t been in yet, you can find us at 5th Street Public Market nestled between Due Donne and the Maple Room, around the corner from the Inn at the 5th. The shop is bright and clean, with neatly organized racks of bra and panty sets, chemises, corsets, and robes. There is everything from the vibrant colors of the lacy Cosabella collections to the soft simplicity of Simone Perele. The staff is all trained in bra-fitting and can quickly help you find the size and style you are looking for, in everything from t-shirt bras to full ensembles.

I have enjoyed many meaningful interactions since I started working here in November, just before the holidays. I have helped men shopping for their sweethearts, sweethearts shopping for their men, and couples shopping together. I have helped women who are in to treat themselves, and moms shopping for their daughters. With spring and summer fast approaching, I have encountered whole bridal and bachelorette parties looking for gifts for their engaged friends and lingerie for under their own gowns. For all their differences in style and preference, I have noticed one thing everyone has in common: the desire to find lingerie that is both comfortable and beautiful. Luckily, at Freudian Slip that is our specialty.

A pleasant surprise

As a customer-turned-employee, there are a few aspects of the job that have surprised me.  At the top of the list  is the open way that women have been willing to talk about their sizes and needs. I love that we provide the bra-fitting service not only because it helps our shoppers find a comfortable and accurate size, it also teaches them what to look for in a bra in the future-even if it’s not with us. We are giving them information they can use for years to come. I can’t even count how many women have invited me into their dressing room, or waltzed down the hallway to our big mirror to show us their favorite styles and new discoveries.

The other factor about working here that I didn’t count on was how fast I would fall in love with this business. I knew I would enjoy working here, having already been a very happy customer for years, but I was surprised to realize how fulfilling my days have been and what a wonderful peace of mind it gives me to work for a local business. Seeing people this happy about something I help them find is beyond rewarding.

Carole_UnlinedWireBra3102_DesertFlower-lo-lo-resA few of my favorites

Just before Valentine’s Day I had a young woman ask me to find her a bra and panty set, along with garters and stockings, to match a pair of four inch heels she was wearing. She invited me to see the final look and even joked with me about needing a whole different ensemble for “round two” in the bedroom. Not everyone is that open, but many women trust us to help them pick out pieces that will help them feel like beautiful, confident, lingerie goddesses on a daily basis. It is really fun getting to interact with so many personalities and hear their stories.

Another memorable conversation I had was on  a quiet January morning after the holiday rush had died down. Two long-time friends browsed the store, chatting happily, when one caught her eye on our Mary Green collection of silk chemises. Mary Green is known for her soft, beautiful silk but recently retired and shut down her business, making the pieces we have left in the store a little extra one-of-a-kind. I explained this to the two friends, who immediately headed for the dressing rooms. They told me how our shop brought back fond memories of similar boutiques they had encountered on a trip to Paris years ago, and reminisced in detail about their travels. They each left the shop with a new chemise and a morning of rekindling happy memories that were as one-of-a-kind as Mary Green.

Recently, I have had two favorite interactions with heartwarming results. The first was with a young women trying on corsets for the first time. Now, if you’ve never tried on a corset before it can be a little daunting, but can soon be overcome in about five minutes with a little help lacing up. After realizing the first couple she tried on weren’t quite the style she was looking for, the woman found her corset soul-mate in a gorgeous Shirley of Hollywood satin and lace number. As soon as I got her laced up she knew it was the perfect fit. When I asked her if she wanted to try on any others, she quickly told me no, and that she felt more strongly about this corset then she had about her wedding dress.

26906-ivoryThe second interaction was with a woman who was trying on bras for the first time since she had stopped breast-feeding. She explained that she wanted to burn all her old bras and never wear anything that wasn’t beautiful, colorful, and lacy ever again. It wasn’t quite that simple however. She had two different cup sizes depending on the time of day because her body was still in adjustment. I brought her a variety of colors and styles in our Coobie bra collection to try on, and voila! She was in love. Coobie is known for their fun colors and comfortable wear, as they are mostly one size fits all. This way if her cup size fluctuated throughout the day she would still be comfortable and fit into her bra. She bought three on the spot and left the store feeling beautiful and feminine again.

It’s all about the little things

As fun and whimsical as our job is on a daily basis, we keep our values at the front of our minds with every customer.  The heart of our business is to empower women to love the way they look and to feel comfortable in their skin. As we Freudian Slip gals wear our hearts on our sleeves, we will always do our best to find lingerie you love. Sometimes all it takes  to help boost confidence and positivity are the seemingly small joys like finding great-fitting lingerie. I’ve heard it said to “fill your life with only those things that bring you joy, especially the little things.” I’ve found that those little things add up. The experience we provide at our shop is just one small beautiful way we can help find you those things that bring you joy, one bra at a time.